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Emotional #44

Hi guys, The new week is upon us ! I cannot wait to see what it brings :). Meanwhile, a new outfit post is waiting for you ^^. I'm sure you'll fall in love with this cute mix I managed to put together. I must warn you that the dress is a bit transparent, so you'd have to wear it with something underneath. Other than that, it's a pretty cool dress for going out ! I had it also at the Thor premiere movie..

What I wore: - LightintheBox dress - Gatta tights - Zara heels - Whiting& Davis purse
So, what do you think about this cute outfit? Would it be something you wear?
Kisses, R.

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I'll be here waiting

Hi sweeties, As I'm struggling to get some videos out of my iPhone so I can edit them, I thought I should put the waiting time into use and update my blog with my usual outfit of the day ! I woke up quite late today after a great night spent at Facts, watching the premiere of Thor Ragnarok, a movie worth seing. Today I'm laying low, answering mails and editing some stuff for the blog, prepping for next week's shootings, etc... :) I'm sure you'll adore today's outfit though. It's so fashionable and I'm quite proud of myself that I pulled together such a cool look ! 

What I wore: - LightintheBox two piece suit - Gatta tights - ZAC Zac Posen studded bag - Jeffrey Campbell booties - Sterkowski cap
Don't forget to use the Shopbop app and you will get 15% off your first purchase with the code APP15 !  Hope you like the look and I'm gonna "see" you all tomorrow with another outfit post all prepped for y'all :)
Kisses, R.

Baltic Amber

Hi sweeties, With one day of our weekend left and a few days of October, I'm officially counting the days until my 28th birthday. Time has really passed by so quick...all we are left with are our memories, our family & friends ( the ones who stayed ) and little pieces that reminds us about our past. As a blogger, I do tend to collect a lot of stuff, but nothing compares to shoes and jewelry. Those are forever !  On today's outfit post I'm actually wearing some really beautiful jewelry pieces that match perfectly my outfit! You'll just have to scroll down for full infos and enjoy the pics my lovely cousin took 💋

What I wore: - VerySimple faux fur coat - VerySimple dress - Zara heels - Yves Saint Laurent clutch  - Baltic Beauty Jewelleryearrings, ring & necklace
These jewelry pieces really fitted so well my look and you can wear them in other outfit combos as well.  A little bit about Baltic Beauty Jewellery: " Inspirations behind our designs are deeply rooted i…

No one in sight

Hi guys, So the weekend is here ! I'll be having quite the busy day having to attend a store opening and afterwards a show at FDB...and I still have to figure out what to wear 😛 Since a lot of you were asking about the outfit I wore today while testing out the DriveNow service, I thought I should do a separate post and have you see what pieces composed my look.

What I wore: - VerySimple shirt - VerySimple skirt - River Island mules ( you can find lots of designs here ) - Choices purse - Sterkowski cap 
So, what are your thoughts about this cute look? :)
Wishing you a fab day ahead!
Kisses, R.

We all Fall

Hello boys and girls, A new day is upon us and as usual, a new outfit post is here ! This look is 100% for Fall and I saw that in the coming days the weather will go rogue so I'm sure I'll miss these wonderful sunny afternoons..  Other than that, this outfit is pretty easy to recreate. As embroidery is hip still, I thought I should play around that concept:

What I wore: -LightintheBox sweater - Freeman T. Porter jeans - Joie laced booties - Deux Lux satchel
Really hope you like this look ! You can always leave a comment with your honest opinion ^^
Kisses, R.